As a general dentistry office, we are always ready for and accept new patients of all ages. We serve the entire Central Virginia area with complete dental care services.  You will consistently receive the best of care at Brady & Crist Dentists.

Our goal is to help our new patients achieve extraordinary dental health.

This is our commitment to you…

  • We will examine you to assess your present level of oral health.
  • Communicate clearly to you our findings.
  • We provide you with a risk assessment of your specific problems.
  • We provide education and guidance regarding “how to” correct present problems and avoid future ones.
  • Expect an individual treatment plan.
  • With your approval, we perform the indicated treatment.
  • At the age of one year it is important to bring you child in for their first check up. In the following years and for adults we recommend cleaning and check ups every six months.
  • We monitor the status of your dental health at regular intervals.
  • Upon checking in, make sure that we receive all the necessary information as you fill out the forms.
  • At your initial appointment, one of our hygienist will greet you and begin making a comprehensive record of your present condition. Radiographs will be taken and you will meet with one of our doctors. At the end of your appointment a customized treatment plan will be developed for you.

Please note that there will be no treatment performed at this time. The primary goal for this visit is to meet you, gather important information regarding your present condition and discuss your problems. If your dental needs are more extensive we will ask you to return so that the doctor can spend more time investigating your specific problems before developing a final treatment plan.

Only then, with your approval, will treatment be scheduled.

If you have any questions please call our office:

Appointments: 434-239-2651
Billing: 434-237-5380

Or stop by our office anytime to ask questions.
We are located at 8116 Timberlake Road, Lynchburg, Virginia 24503